5 simple sources of inspiration

Ever struggled to find inspiration?  Here is a quick run down of my five, key go to sources for ideas and inspiration.


This by far has to be one of my favourite sources of inspiration with such a wide breadth of natural settings that it encompasses.  For example, colour in nature.  Have you ever taken time to truly appreciate the colours of the autumn leaves or the summer blossom that surrounds us?  With woodlands, beaches, deserts and jungles, scenes of natural beauty are infinite, each with their own individual compositions and elements of uniqueness.  Sunsets, sunrises and storms can also create epic skylines that I find to be an excellent source of inspiration, whether it be for the foundation of a piece or the main attraction.


In the ever changing and controversial world we live in today, whether you feel empowered or angered - current affairs can always be good starting point for artistic ideas.  Do you want to use your art to send a message of support or stand against something?  Can it be used to educate others?  What do you want your Art to be remembered for?  Sometimes it’s the things that bother us that most that can lead us to our greatest works of Art.  Remember that there are no right and wrongs in Art, only your interpretation and expression.


During times of both frustration and jubilation have I created some of my most impressionable pieces. When you are struggling to find ideas and concepts, reflect on your own current emotions.  Is there anything that you are suppressing that would benefit from an outlet in Art?  Or are you content in all aspects and simply wish to splash colour on the canvas and be carefree?  Over the years I have found that I have often used Art as a means to switching off from any outside noise and distraction, and simply - being.  Perhaps you could call it a form of meditation and/or therapy.


Mass connectivity has enabled us to view things on a Global scale.  We are in an age that we are lucky enough to have photographers, designers, models and fellow artists from around the world right at our finger tips.  We can learn new techniques or simply try to emulate things from those that we admire.  We can draw ideas from various sources and compile them into something truly great.  I myself have often been sparked into creating, following an image I have seen on Instagram or Pinterest.  For those that aren’t yet familiar with them, I’d highly recommend that you check them out. 


Finally, one of the most personal ways you can connect with both yourself and your intended audience, is to reflect on some of your life experiences and express them onto a canvas.  Similar to “Emotions” it could be negative of positive time in your life and you can use it to tell a story to the viewers. It’s up to you how much you show, but nonetheless it can be an excellent starting block.


I hope that some of the areas highlighted have sparked an idea or two if you have been struggling for ideas of late.  Remember that creativity is not always something that can be forced, so if you need to have a break from producing work then that’s okay too.  Inspiration often strikes when you least suspect it.

Until next time.

Creative Curls x

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